Hong Kong / Kowloon Station Development – Transport Super City


Exhibitor / TFP Farrells 

Kowloon Station Development – Transport Super City project has developed prototype solutions which can be seen elsewhere in Hong Kong. It is entirely new, both in the scale and complexity of the integrated urban transportation infrastructure, and in combining the new urbanism of Asia with the European traditions of place-making, applied here to a large section of the city.

At West Kowloon, the density of the city and the scale of the transport systems to be incorporated called for an innovative three-dimensional design. The infrastructure is organized in layers above the mass transportation core. Apartments, offices, community facilities, hotels and service apartments are linked together by air-conditioned shopping streets and public places at one level, and by gardens, squares and vehicular and pedestrian circulation routes on the podium above. All parts of the design work together in the formation of an integrated, balanced city.




TFP Farrells

TFP Farrells is a leading international architectural design firm with expertise in infrastructure projects and iconic master plans. For 40 years, the practice has shaped the debate on urban design and believes passionately in the creation of the civic realm and vital spaces between buildings. TFP Farrells’ building schemes include The Peak Tower in Hong Kong, MI6 and the new Home Office Headquarters in London, the Deep Aquarium in Hull, and KK100, the tallest building ever designed and built by a British architect in Shenzhen. Large-scale infrastructure planning and buildings dominate their work in Asia, including Incheon Airport in South Korea, as well as Beijing South Station and Guangzhou South Station for the High Speed Railway in China. Completed master plans include planning for Kowloon Station Development in Hong Kong, Newcastle Quayside and Brindley Place in Birmingham. Many of TFP’s projects have won international design awards, and the company’s architectural and urban design work is featured in publications worldwide.

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