Hong Kong / Diamond Hill Crematorium & Columbarium


Exhibitor / Hong Kong Architectural Services Department

A crematorium that meets mourners’ psychological needs is the primary objective of the Diamond Hill Crematorium’s design. The landscaped podium of this fair-faced concrete building provides an opportunity for mourners to experience the ritual in a peaceful and comforting environment.

The Diamond Hill Columbarium next to the Crematorium was also designed with the garden concept, which offers a sense of serenity. The Chinese tradition of “bai saan” (the festive ritual of climbing the mountain to pay respect to the ancestors) is reflected in the design. To this end, the roof of the columbarium is made up of flights of landscaped steps, allowing people to access the niches on various floors within a natural environment. The building’s design takes into account the effective flow of people as well as natural ventilation, while addressing concerns over possible adverse psychological impact on locals in the urban setting.

In Diamond Hill, the columbarium as a scary ash-storing structure has been successfully transformed into a public park enjoyed by people all year round.

Circular Courtyard

Service Hall Lily Pond

Overall View 

Symmetrical Layout

Diamond Hill Columbarium

Existing Condition

Staircase as Roofs

Wide Passage

The Mountain-like form of Columbarium

Hong Kong Architectural Services Department

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